About us

Preiļi Municipality Children’s and Youth Sports School is a professional educational institution of Preiļi Municipality, which implements professionally oriented educational programs in basketball, football, table tennis, athletics, BMX and volleyball, promoting the development of sports in Preili region.
The Sports School is a legal entity founded by Preiļi County Council and its founder is Preiļi County Council.
Preili Children’s Sports School was founded on September 4, 1963, and after many reorganisations in 2010 it was renamed Preili district Children and youth sports school. The sports school was accredited in 2006 for six years. Sports school has a director, a methodologist, 18 coaches and 11 technical staff. Currently, 310 students are trained in the sports school. The sports school owns a well-organized sports base (2 gyms,gym, stadium with athletics sectors, 2 artificial football fields), fitness equipment.